Uthai Rutnin Foundation

Rutnin Eye Hospital was Thailand's first hospital specializing exclusively in ophthalmology

The Uthai Rutnin Foundation was established in the year 1995 by Khunying Chamnongsri (Rutnin) Hanchanlash as a tribute and memorial to the founder of Rutnin Eye Hospital, Dr. Uthai Rutnin. Dr. Rutnin's role as an ophthalmologist helped to shaped the future eye care in Thailand by not only establishing the first specialty eye care facility but also pioneering new technologies and techniques which would revolutionize ophthalmology in Thailand.

Objectives of the Foundation

1. Elevating the standard of ophthalmology in Thailand
2. Enhancing the knowledge of ophthomology in Thailand and
its Asian neighbors
3. Dedication to serving the public's ophthalmic needs

in Initial Phase

Holding an ophthalmology conference in Thailand with specialists from abroad in various sub-specialties to share their knowledge and new technologies with the hopes of elevating the standards of eye care in Thailand

Meeting Agenda
  1. Corneal Transplantation
  2. Refractive Surgey
  3. Computers in Ophthalmology
  4. Refractive Surgery and Cataract Surgery

At the time, Thai ophthalmologists were interested in the use of computers in treament of eye diseases. Consequently one of the highlights was on ophthalmic lasers such as the Argon-Krypton laser which is used in the treatment of retinal diseases and glaucoma.

in Latest Phase

The vision and mission of Dr. Uthai Rutnin are carried on by his son and successor,
Dr. Sanpatna Schepens Rutnin, also a retinal surgeon and Medical Director of the Rutnin Eye Hospital.
Some of the Uthai Rutnin Foundation's Contributions are listed below

  1. Providing scholarships and organizing internship programs for Thai ophthalmologist to further develop their skills abroad
  2. Assisting the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand and The Association of Opthalmologists of Thailand in providing scholarships for Thai opthalmologists to attend seminars overseas
  3. Hosting seminars and inviting experts in ophthalmology from The United States, Europe and Asia to sharing knowlege with Thai ophthomologists

Visions for the Future

The foundation aims to support Thai ophthalmologists' potential by providing scholarships and helping to develop ophthalmological technology.