Thank you to my super doctor. You did an amazing job with my cataract surgery. It all went well and my eyesight is getting better. Now I have no red eyes and no pain.
Thank you again for your great care. I really appreciate for your hard work and effort. You helped me when I really needed help.
Thank you so much Dr. Sombat.


I am Mardy, a patient (SAKADA)'s son. My father and I attended at Hospital on 24 August 2019.
In the name of my family, I would like to express my deep thanks to Hospital managers, doctors, nurses and staffs for your careful treatment and coordination. My father is very lucky to be treated by professionally-skilled doctors and nurses.
You help thousands of patients included Thai, Cambodians and other nationals. Your help means giving hope to the human. 
On behalf of all Cambodian patients, I wish Buddha bless all RUTNIN Managers, doctors, nurses, and staffs.
With my sincere respect and best regards
Mardy Un 


Three years ago Dr.Pattaramon used DMEK procedure for a corneal transplant due to Fuch's Dystrophy on my right eye.Saw Dr Patty this week after almost two years and the cell count with the transplant is well over 2500+, before the DMEK there were only 800 cells and there was discomfort. The procedure worked out well, my vision is excellent and I continue with an eye drop every day to forestall a rejection. Yes I do let others know about Rutnin and in particular Dr Patty and her lovely assistant whose name I do not know. Very appreciative.


My wife, Anong Namwongsa went here for a DMEK operation and Cornea Transplantation on January 29 2019/2562. Her doctor Pattaramon Bunnapradist did an amazing and PERFECT job! This Hospital is by far the best for any eye treatment and deserves 5 stars for Technology, Equipement, Service, Rooms and Employees!! I recommend this Hospital to anyone who has an eyeproblem or needs advice !!!

Mr. MD Kabir

I am very glad to inform you that the experience that I have earned from
your hospital during January 23 to February 07,2019 was very satisfied.
I have been under the supervision of Dr. Mr. Sombat Tanchotikul.
He has successfully conducted my laser treatment for eyes.
Congratulation to him and Rutnin Eye Hospital!

Mr. Edward

I attended the Rutnin eye hospital on a recommendation. I have poor eyesight with astigmatism and I wanted to check my eyes for possible issues such as retina detachment as this is a serious issue and concern for me at the time. I would like to commend and thank the hospital on their professional staff and service throughout my appointment. As a first time patient I was greeted firstly at reception. The reception staff registered my details.

I then went through pre-tests and check-ups with the nurses, which again was good. Then I saw doctor ......who provided a professional and reassuring assessment.

At the time of my visit, the hospital was busy with many patients, however I was impressed with the quick and professional  service provided by all the staff in the hospital and I will be recommending Rutnin hospital to anyone and be returning there in future.

Mr. Dawit

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your warm accommodations during my visit to your hospital. Last month, I brought my parents to Thailand for some medical care. I specifically brought my father to your hospital for Cataract surgery. The surgery was done with great level of professionalism and customer care. While my father was having surgery, my mother, who at times gets confused, wondered out of the hospital. Your staff provided us with the security footages of my mother walking out of the hospital. Your staff went above and beyond to pass the information to the local police departments, social media, and broadcast stations. Within few hours, local authorities were able to find my mother. I am sure this wouldn't have been possible if it was not for the help of your staff. 
Please accept this letter as a simple token of appreciation and recognition for all that you have done and thank you again for your help and care of service.


I had laser surgery done on both eyes in 2000. Fast forward 17 years and I can say I've enjoyed perfect vision all these years. The staff and doctors at Rutnin are world class. The hospital's reputation is sterling. And prices are very affordable compared  to those in the U.S. I highly recommend this institution.

Sokun Hort

Great eye hospital with several skilled doctors for you to make an appointment with. Service and hospitality were perfect. Price is affordable.

S. M. Niamul Haque

Right place for eye treatment. Translators available, doctors speak fluent English.
Charges are slightly on the higher side, get your glasses, lenses and medicine from
anywhere else and you should be fine.

Wu Smith

The Best eye hospital in Thailand.


I was treated for eye infections, had Lasik and annual eye exams done at Rutnin Hospital. Hands down, Rutnin Hospital's Ophthalmologists are the best in Thailand based on personal experience! Rutnin Eye Hospital's fees are very reasonable compared to other private hospitals in Bangkok.